The Man Behind The Myth

Born Ferguson MacDonald, Fergie descends from a direct line of Moidart MacDonald Clanranalds. Sherrifmuir, the 1745 Jacobite rising, Culloden and the highland clearances are all in the genetic mix. He is a Gaelic speaking indigenous Gael with all the trimmings of Moidart culture and history.
Educated at Mingarry Primary and Fort William High Schools before joining the army and becoming a physical training instructor. On leaving the army he graduated as a physiotherapist in Glasgow.
Formed his first band in 1953, had his first BBC radio broadcast and first television appearances in 1964 and, to date, has recorded no less than 32 vinyl, cassette and CD albums.
Occupations and hobbies include:
Band Leader
Army PT instructor
Highland games athlete
Red Deer Management
Clay target shooting Scottish internationalist
Music composer
Highland ceilidh band musician
Local Moidart historian
Fergie is the winner of two major lifetime battles: from a most severe handicap of a speech stammer to the point of reasonable conversation being the first hurdle he has overcome, followed by his rise from the dark depths of alcoholism back to the beautiful world of sobriety. Helping other with these same problems has become top priority nowadays.
In 1965 Fergie broke away from pure Scottish Country Dance music and introduced Ceilidh Dance music, which now has international recognition.
Following major heart surgery life is very precious to Fergie. Being back again on the circuit and performing regularly to his thousands of fans gives him the greatest pleasure.
He openly rates the non-recognition of Ceilidh Music as one of the major disappointments in life. Every Scottish musical genre has been honoured but, after five attempts to have it recognised as a distinct style, Ceilidh Music remains an unacknowledged.
Family is Fergie's pride and joy. John, Angela, Morven, James, Emma and Ross are all bonded together by one person - Maureen, for whom Maureen’s Jig was written.
On his future he says... “Good health, providing for everybody and to just keep going - like the Rolling Stones. It’s in the blood... and why not?”